The Regional Transportation Coordinating Council (RTCC) is a voluntary group of nineteen citizens appointed by specific regional agencies and/or organizations to represent their constituencies concerning public ground transportation matters and to oversee the progress of the regional transportation coordination plan. The RTCC generally meets on a monthly basis and makes recommendations in an advisory capacity to the HOTCOG Executive Committee and the HOTCOG Rural Transit District.

The RTCC has been active for approximately four years and was instrumental in the development and preparation of the approved Regional Transportation Coordination Plan. The approved Regional Transportation Coordination Plan is the basic blue print for public ground transportation initiatives in our 6-county service area. The plan is subject to modifications as recommended by the RTCC, approved by the HOTCOG Executive Committee, and ultimately by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The Council is currently updating the Regionally Coordinated Transportation Plan that is due to TXDOT no later than August 31, 2011.

The RTCC continues to be instrumental in providing information, insight and direction in preparation of this regions submission of the TxDOT Coordinated Call for Projects. This year our region submitted a proposal to fund the implementation of centralized dispatching and scheduling functions.

Committee Members

Chairperson: Judge Justin Lewis

Judge Jay Elliott
Judge Linda Grant
Judge Scott Felton
Mr. Andrew Garcia
Mr. Chris Evilia
Mr. Frank Patterson
Mr. Gary Luft
Mr. Harold Welborn
Mr. Jim Newkham
Mr. Keith Vandiver
Mr. Rep Pledger
Ms. Donnis Cowan
Ms. Greta Brown
Ms. Julie Talbert
Ms. Lisa Wilhelmi
Ms. Theresa Tilotta