Honorable Edith Omberg, Mayor, City of Hillsboro

The 17-member Executive Committee meets the fourth Thursday of each month to oversee operations of the HOTCOG and has the authority to enter into contracts and execute official documents. The Executive Committee also approves the regional service plans and guides expenditures within the overall policy established by the Board.

Executive Committee Members:
President: Honorable Edith Omberg, Mayor, City of Hillsboro
Vice President: Hon. Scott Felton, McLennan County Judge
Secretary-Treasurer: Hon. Alice Rodriguez, Councilmember, City of Waco


Honorable Justin Lewis, Hill County Judge
Hon. Linda Grant, Freestone County Judge
Hon. Kay Taylor, Freestone Co. Treasurer
Hon. Calvin Rueter, Special Districts
Hon. Daniel Burkeen, Limestone County Judge
Hon. Don Pool, Bosque County Judge
Hon. Jay Elliott, Falls County Judge
Hon. Kelly Snell, McLennan Co. Commissioner
Hon. Troy Miller, Mayor, City of Mexia
Hon. Wilbert Austin, Councilmember, Waco
Hon. Elizabeth Nelson, Mayor, City of Marlin
Hon. Johnnie Hauerland, Mayor, City of Meridian
Hon. Kyle Deaver, Mayor, City of Waco
Hon. Jimmy Rogers, Councilmember, City of Robinson